Issued June 23, 2003
¶ 1 Issue
: Is it ethical for a lawyer to advertise to provide legal services in Social Security Administration hearings to claimants who have been denied benefits, where nonlawyers are used by the lawyer in providing these services?

¶ 2 Opinion: With due consideration for the rules governing advertising and supervi­sion of nonlawyers assistants, it is not unethical for a lawyer to use nonlawyer para­professionals to provide representation of clients in hearings before a government agency that authorizes nonlawyer representation. In particular, the lawyer does not assist the nonlawyer paraprofessional in the unauthorized practice of law under these circum­stances.1 (more…)

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 99-02

(Approved April 30, 1999)
: Does a lawyer who negotiates or communicates with an opposing party’s legal assistant, secretary or other non-lawyer representative about substantive matters assist in the unauthorized practice of law under Utah Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5(b)?

Opinion: In general, a lawyer who negotiates or otherwise communicates with a non-lawyer representative on substantive matters affecting the rights of parties to a particular matter is not assisting in the unauthorized practice of law if that representative is supervised by a lawyer as required under Rule 5.3. When the non-lawyer representative is employed in a lawyer’s office, the lawyer communicating with such a representative may presume that the representative is supervised within the requirements of Rule 5.3, unless the lawyer is aware of facts and circumstances that impart knowledge that adequate supervision is lacking. (more…)

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 96-10

(Approved December 6, 1996)
May an attorney employ a paralegal who owns a proprietary interest in a collection agency the attorney represents as a client?

Opinion: If there is no violation of a statute, including Utah Code Ann. § 78-51-27, and if there is no sham arrangement in which the paralegal would nominally own an interest in a collection agency that is in reality owned by the attorney, the Rules of Professional Conduct do not prohibit an attorney from employing a paralegal who owns an interest in a collection agency the attorney represents as a client. The attorney’s conduct within such an employment relationship would at all times be governed by the requirements of the Rules of Professional Conduct, including Rule 5.3, “Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants.” (more…)