The Utah Bar Journal is published 6 times each year and is received by every attorney and paralegal division member who maintain an Active, Current, or Inactive-Full Service license with the Utah State Bar. Our current circulation is approximately 10,800 and growing. To accommodate the growing number of those that read the Bar Journal online it is also published in enhanced PDF and epub,  formats. The Bar Journal is also directly integrated with the Casemaker legal research service. Articles published on that platform are directly integrated with the growing libraries making it easy to go from an article citation directly to the case law and then on to other related materials.


2017 January February

Honoring Our Oath
President’s Message | Honoring Our Oath
by Robert O. Rice
Article | Removal to Federal Court: Utah Considerations and Recent Developments
by Tyler V. Snow
Article | Utah Dispute Resolution: Celebrating 25 Years
by William W. Downes, Jr. and Stephen D. Kelson
Article | Hold Me Close: Lawyers Beware, the Closely Held Company
by Eric Maxfield and Darren Reid
The Utah Bar Commission | A Brief Overview of the Utah Bar’s Governing Board
by Kristen Olsen and Kate Conyers
Article | Happy New (Legislative) Year!
by Senator Todd Weiler, Steve Foxley, Frank Pignanelli, and Douglas Foxley
Focus on Ethics & Civility | Enrich Your Life in 2017: Easy Pro Bono
by Keith A. Call
Utah Law Developments | Appellate Highlights
by Rodney R. Parker, Dani N. Cepernich, Nathanael J. Mitchell, Adam M. Pace, and Scott Elder
Article | Helping Utah’s Lower Income Seniors
by Eric Olsen
State Bar News
Young Lawyers Division | All Rise and Other Modest Health Tips for the Practicing Lawyer
by Jordan Call
Paralegal Division | Utilizing Paralegal Skills in Community Service
by Cheryl Jeffs and Laura Summers
CLE Calendar

2017 March April

The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion
President’s Message | The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion
by Robert O. Rice
Utah State Bar Finances | Where Do Your Bar Dues Go?
by Kate Conyers
Article | Considerations for Successfully Litigation a Traumatic Brain Injury Case
Michael W. Young
Article | The Times They Are A Changin'
by Learned Ham
Utah Law Developments | Appellate Highlights
by Rodney R Parker, Dani N. Cepernich, Scott A. Elder, Nathanael J. Michel, and Adam M. Pace
Book Review | My Own Words
by Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Mary Harnett and Wendy W. Williams Reviewed by Judge Jill M. Pohlman
Book Review | Hard-Won Wisdom: True Stories from the Management Trenches
by Jathan Janove Reviewed by Judge David Nuffer
Article | Five Steves, Five Practices, One City
by Trent Christiansen
Focus on Ethics & Civility | What to Do When a Third Party Pays Your Fees
by Keith A. Call
State Bar News
Young Lawyers Division | Get it in Writing
by Thomas R. McCosh
Paralegal Division | Paralegal Division Membership Benefits
by Candace Gleed
CLE Calendar

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