I would like to represent you on the Bar Commission.  No one doubts that the rule of law serves an invaluable role in a free society.  As lawyers, we are privileged to be the facilitators and implementers of these rules.  I consider myself lucky to work in a system that so meaningfully affects the lives of our clients and a profession that demands the highest of ethical standards.  With privilege comes responsibility.  New lawyers need training and resources to help them make their start.  Without qualification, our judiciary should be assured of its independence as the critical third branch of government.  All people need access to the legal system so that all parties, and not just those with significant means, can get their disputes resolved.  Judges and lawyers alike need whatever benefits and resources the Bar can offer to make the daily grind of our work more manageable and even less stressful, so that we, in turn, can keep the wheels of the legal system turning.  The challenge is in delivering these benefits in the least obtrusive and most cost-effective manner possible.  These issues are not new, but they run deep.  They require creative solutions and a great deal of work.  I am a dedicated and hard worker.  I have been practicing among you for the last ten years and I am happy to call many of you my friends and colleagues.  It would be a privilege to represent you on the Bar Commission.

A list of Bar members who endorse me for this position can be found HERE and you can see my professional bio HERE. Thank you for your consideration.

Sammi V. Anderson
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