commissioner_macanas_janiseDear Colleagues in the Third District:

Each year I pay my annual membership dues to my local gym.  I know what the facility has to offer and what my benefits are.  If I want to take a class or learn something new, I check there first for deals.  I know the people who manage the gym and they know me.  I get to know the other members, we exchange ideas, and I have a whole new group of friends outside of my office.  Belonging to a gym encourages me to use the facility often and participate more in the gym experience.   I find that the more I use the gym and take advantage of my membership, my overall lifestyle is improved.  I believe that being a member is well worth the cost.

Like gym memberships, Bar membership dues are paid every year. We rely on a few elected Bar Commissioners to represent the majority at the table where important decisions are made about the business and priorities of the Bar.  I believe there are a few things we can learn from gyms that might transfer well to our Bar membership.  This is what I hope to bring to the table if I am elected to represent you:

  • I want to help members learn how to keep pace with technology in the practice of law; we must stay current and not be left behind.
  • I want members to know me and have a forum where we can connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on goals; if you don’t know your current representative, I want to change that.
  • I want to keep membership dues down; being on a budget makes good practice sense in this challenging economy.
  • I want to help find ways to be more efficient and save time; doing so means more free time to do the things we love.
  • I want to help members have services that are relevant, valuable, and accessible to all; the sky is the limit here.
  • I want to help members feel that Bar membership is worth every penny; it always feels good to know you’re getting a great deal.
  • I want to help members reach their highest potential; in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “whatever you are, be a good one.”
  • I want to create synergy among members; the more we collaborate on common goals instead of doing things on our own, the more we all benefit.

My approach to solving problems comes from a diverse blend of education and work experiences.  I have always been involved in the community and served this past year as volunteer on the Commission, so there is no learning curve to overcome and I am ready to get going, move forward, and aim high.

To learn more about me and the ways social media can be used to create synergy and collaboration among our membership visit:

I sincerely ask for your vote.

Warm Regards,

Janise Macanas, JD, MA