Notice of Legislative Rebate

Bar policies provide that lawyers may receive a rebate of the proportion of their annual Bar license fee which has been expended during the fiscal year for lobbying and any legislative-related expenses by notifying Executive Director John C. Baldwin, 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 or at

The amount* which was expended on lobbying and legislative-related expenses in the preceding fiscal year was 0.57 % of the mandatory license fees.  Your rebate would total: Active Status – $2.42; Active – Admitted Under 3 Years Status – $ 1.42; Inactive with Services Status – $.85; and Inactive with No Services Status – $.60. 

Tax Notice 

Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 6033(e)(1), no income tax deduction shall be allowed for that portion of the annual license fees allocable to lobbying or legislative-related expenditures.  For the tax year 2013, that amount is 0.57%* of the mandatory license fee.

*These amounts are updated annually as part of the Utah State Bar license renewal process.