Voter Information for President-elect

Candidate for President-Elect: Herm Olsen

I graduated from the University of Utah Law School in 1976, served as legal counsel for the Navajo Nation, and then as Legislative Counsel for Congressman Gunn McKay in Washington D.C., and as a Congressional staff aide to the House Appropriations Committee.

I returned to Utah in 1980 where I have been in private practice in Logan ever since. I have  served on the Bar Commission for several years, and have been amazed at the remarkable service  offered by dedicated attorneys throughout the entire state. I have enjoyed working as a mentor, and continue to be awed by the competency and decency of new lawyers anxious to serve our residents.

I can say without hesitation that we have had superlative leadership from John Baldwin and his team, as well as the prior Presidents who have dedicated so much effort and labor on our behalf. But the practice is changing, and we must evolve with the new realities of life or become irrelevant to the clients we serve.

Even as we, as a profession, reinvent ourselves, there are some constants which must not change: civility, integrity, basic human decency. We may not be able to control the hurtful words and mean-spirited accusations which come from various quarters of our great nation, we can control the words which come from our computers, from our correspondence, and from our personal conversations.

I hope we can strive to remain decent, honorable practitioners of the noble profession of law. Feel free to contact me at (435) 752-2610 to offer thoughts and suggestion.