Voter Information for the 5th Division

Candidate for the 5th Division : Kirstin “Katie” Woods

It has been my pleasure to serve as the Bar Commissioner for the Fifth Division during the last three years, and it is my desire to be re-elected to serve another term. I am often asked whether it’s “worth it” to serve as a Bar Commissioner, since it demands a lot of travel, meetings, phone conferences, and time away from the office. Admittedly, at times the position creates difficulties in time management, scheduling, and sanity. However, the positives greatly outweigh any negatives. Throughout my time with the Bar Commission, I have had the great honor to observe and participate with the staff, volunteers, and elected attorney-officers who make our organization run. It is no small task. From arranging premier CLE opportunities for our membership to rub elbows with Supreme Court Justices and learned minds from around the world, to weighing in on vital rule and policy discussions, such as taking a public stance in favor of diversity in our judiciary, there are always projects, tasks, deadlines, and phone calls to make, and they are executed professionally. Our bar is much respected in the legal community nationwide, and I have been proud to be a small part of it. In short, I would like to be elected for another term because I can continue to make a difference for the members of the Fifth Division. My specific goal as commissioner has been to fight for the Fifth Division to have representation and a voice in bar decisions, committees, and programs. Because of my efforts, we now have mandatory Fifth Division seats in bar programs like the Leadership Academy, and the bar has amended its policies to specifically include “geographical diversity” as a mandatory requirement for the formation of committees and CLE programs and panels. I have been able to push for things such as CLE reform, and am proud to have been able to be a part of the amending of the MCLE rules to allow “Live” CLE credit for certain remotely transmitted CLEs. Although we still have more work to do on this front, we are headed in the right direction. Most recently, I spearheaded an effort to begin a CLE series called “The Courthouse Series”, wherein once a month a CLE program is broadcast from the Utah Law and Justice Center in Salt Lake City to most courthouses across the state, making available all twelve of the required “Live” credits to each and every member of the bar without regard to their geographical location. I am proud of my efforts over the last three years, but I can do more. I ask for your support in the upcoming election so I can continue representing your interests as your Bar Commissioner for the Fifth Division.