You will need to renew your limited license every year during the Bar’s annual licensing cycle beginning July 1st if you intend to continue practicing under this rule. To initially apply for special admission under Rule 14-804, please send a complete application along with an application fee of $10.00 to:

Utah State Bar
Office of General Counsel
645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Your completed application must include:

  • The applicable $10.00 fee;
  • Three page application form;
  • Two Certificates of Good Moral Character;
  • An original Certificate of Good Standing from each jurisdiction in which you are admitted to practice law, and dated within 60 days preceding the filing of your application; and
  • All forms must contain original signatures. No photocopies or faxes are accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Rosecrans, Assistant to the Bar’s General Counsel, by e-mail: or by telephone at (801) 297-7057; or at the above address.

Admission Application for Military Lawyers

Rule 14-804 Special Admission Exception for Military Lawyers